The River City

One of the largest urban development projects in Scandinavia, RiverCity Gothenburg will see Gothenburg city centre double in size. By connecting the city, embracing the water and reinforcing the centre, we are committed to creating an inclusive, green and dynamic inner city open to the world.


The plan is to transform Backaplan from a commercial area with large paved surfaces into a densely built-up city area. The area is very important for linking the city across the river. With a mixture of housing, services, offices and city commerce, Backaplan will become the centre of Hisingen. The conversion has already started and will be in progress over the next 20 years.

About Backaplan

The Central Station area

The Central Station area is one Gothenburg's most important areas for development. It is currently dominated by traffic, but within twenty years it could be developed into an area with 2,000 homes, 16,000 new jobs, cultural venues, green areas and a vibrant street life.

About the Central Station area


The vision for Frihamnen is that the area will be developed into part of the inner city. We want to create a variety of residential options and meeting places, based on innovative solutions and with a focus on sustainability. With the new Hisingen Bridge, ferries to and from the city centre and good public transport, Frihamnen will link the city together.

About Frihamnen


Although Gullbergsvass may give a rather anonymous impression at the moment, a completely new city district will be built here linking five parts of the city. About 20,000 people will live in Gullbergsvass, and an equal number of people will work here. Most new construction in the area will take place after 2025, but there are already plans to make it more accessible and possibly develop the quayside walk along Drömmarnas kaj and Falu square.

About Gullbergsvass


This area is a key hub of knowledge and collaboration within the media, arts and academia, and it will be boosted by the addition of housing in Lindholmshamnen and the Karlavagnen district. Stigberget will eventually be connected to Hisingen through public transport, while a funicular railway link between Järntorget and Lindholmen may be in place by 2021.

About Lindholmen


Ringön is created by all those people who work there, visit and pass through the area, filling it with life and activity. Companies are important for Ringön's character and development, and will continue to be so. The idea is to extend the area slowly and organically, so that we can keep its character. For this reason no definite timetable has been decided.

About Ringön

Södra Älvstranden

Södra Älvstranden is one of western Sweden's hottest areas of development. Among the plans are a new meeting place with a clearly defined quayside walk, a vibrant, densely populated city district with space for housing, shops, restaurants and workplaces.

About Södra Älvstranden


Situated on Kanaltorget alongside the Göteborg Opera and Gästhamnen, the Älvrummet Information Center is solely dedicated to the development of Gothenburg. Here is a source of inspiration and information on the future of the city.

About Älvrummet