In 2021 the Triennial will be divided into two parts where the first one, in June, is focusing on the 400-year celebration of Gothenburg City. The program includes, amongst other, the release of a new architecture guide of Gothenburg, an outdoor photo exhibition, online lectures, city walks and school programs.

The second part of the Triennial takes place in September, focusing on different themes connected to Public Space. The program is built around the five chosen projects of the City Triennial Open call 2021 and creatives from Future Architecture. The event will be a hybrid event taking place both online and at Röhsska Museum of Design and Craft in Gothenburg.

The City Triennial is a platform that prompts joint discussions and helps people to work collectively to shape the city.

The City Triennial is part of Gothenburgs 400th Anniversary celebrations and is taking place every third year. Due to the pandemic, the big celebration has been postponed to 2023. The inspiration for Gothenburg City Triennial comes from the people of Gothenburg. The arrangement commenced in 2015 and is being driven by the city planning office in broad collaboration with, among others, Gothenburg City’s administrations, companies and institutions, academia and various associations.

Arrangements in 2015, 2018, 2021 and 2023

Gothenburg City Triennial is aimed at creating open forums concerning the city development and involving the people of Gothenburg in that development. Gothenburg City Triennial is taking place every third year but with the conversation continuing in a smaller scale between those years.

Gothenburg 400th anniversary celebration

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Publicerad 8 september 2021 (Uppdaterad 24 januari 2022)