Göteborgs Stadstriennal

Göteborgs Stadstriennal är en plattform för att samtala kring och gemensamt göra stad. Ett forum för samtal och debatter kring aktuella stadsbyggnadsfrågor där både bransch och allmänhet bjuds in för att bidra. Tillsammans undersöker vi nya sätt att ta, ge och skapa plats i samtalet om staden.

Gothenburg City Triennial

Gothenburg City Triennial is a platform for discussing and jointly creating a city. A forum for discussion and debates concerning the most urgent city development issues in which both industry and the general public are invited to contribute. Together, we are exploring new ways of taking, giving and creating space in the conversation about the city.

The City Triennial is part of Gothenburg’s 400th Anniversary celebrations and is taking place every third year up to and including 2021. The inspiration for Gothenburg City Triennial comes from the people of Gothenburg. The arrangement commenced in 2015 and is being driven by the city planning office in broad collaboration with, among others, Gothenburg City’s administrations, companies and institutions, academia and various associations.

Arrangements in 2015, 2018 and 2021

Gothenburg City Triennial is aimed at creating open forums concerning the city development and involving the people of Gothenburg in that development. Gothenburg City Triennial is taking place every third year (2015, 2018 and 2021) but with the conversation continuing in a smaller scale between those years.

The City Triennial is a platform that prompts joint discussions and helps people to work collectively to shape the city.

An open city development forum

Gothenburg City Triennial was held on 19 – 22 September 2018. There were many participants in the discussion about the future of Gothenburg. In total there were more than 70 programme items around the city which included discussions, presentations, film viewings, exhibitions, practical construction and workshops.

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Gothenburg City Triennial mid act on the way towards 2021

Reserve the day for the City Triennail mid act – 18–19th of September 2019. The day will offer a variety of workshops, lectures, DJ-sessions and conversations. This will take place at three locations – by “Näsan i blöt” in Jubileumsparken, in Hammarkullen kunsthalle and at the Röhsska museum.

Architecture and design collective Assemble from England will give a lecture on their alternative ideas of what architecture and urban practice can be. In their work, for which they received the Turner prize in 2015, they focus on a democratic and collaborative doing in all scales, both in creating object and taking action.

The work with Gothenburg City Triennial 2021 has begun!

The Triennial focuses on engaging, giving and creating space in the city we live in. The purpose is to present all who engage in the urban development, regardless of if it occurs through cultural contributions or big scale building projects. During 2019 the focus is on the Triennial main stages, collaborations and communication. 

To develop the main stages of Frihamnen and Hammarkullen, the City planning department started a one-year residency program. A residency means that different actors are invited to live and work in Gothenburg during a period of time and work with questions related to the Gothenburg City Triennial 2021. 

During 2019, Samuel Dias Carvalho from the architecture collective ON/OFF is in residency. Sam was responsible on site for the construction of the sauna in Jubileumsparken with Raumlaborberlin and also works with Chalmers since a few years in Hammarkullen and Bergsjön. 

During 2019 the outdoor playroom – “Näsan i blöt” in Jubileumsparken will be completed and programmed. Programming the site will gradually intensify towards 2021. A pre-study is ongoing in Hammarkullen with the traffic office regarding the possibility to transform Hammarkullen station. The Triennial collaborates among others with Hammarkullen kunsthalle which is placed in the underground tram station.

Get nosy!

From June everyone is welcome to play with water in the outdoor playroom “Näsan i blöt” in Jubileumsparken – one of the Triennial main stages. What happens when rain falls from the sky and meets hard, soft, green, blue or grey surfaces of the city? How does water flow? And where does it go?

One of the Triennial’s main stages is being developed right now in Jubileumsparken, Frihamnen. During the Gothenburg City Triennial 2018, 200 pre-school kids tested to be nosy and experiment with water play. Together with Recetas Urbanas, a Spanish architecture collective, the next step of Jubileumsparken is being developed. A weather shelter takes the shape of a play room filled with water and pedagogy. The construction develops together with the public. The ambition of the project is to commonly create a play and curiosity filled pedagogical room and to create better understanding of what happens when rain falls from the sky and meets hard, soft, green, blue and grey surfaces in the city.

In addition to the water tools to play with it’s also possible to climb, run or take a rest under the roof if the energy temporarily disappears. At times water experts will be on site who can demonstrate how water flows on asphalt, grass and gravel and will test if water can flow upwards.

POP-UP Bygglek, a travelling workshop of building and play, will be on of the first hosts and build waterways, dig channels and investigate how durable rain clothes really are.

“Näsan i blöt” is open at any time but will be the most fun when it rains. So put on your boots, explore the rain, jump in puddles and get nosy!

Seasonal program – Näsan i blöt

During the entire summer the outdoor playroom Näsan i blöt will be activated. During week 26 there will be an intense week of workshops for kids and youth. POP-UP Bygglek will be on site on four occasions, three in July and one in August. RAIN Gothenburg visits the site by the end of August and continuously throughout the summer Jubileumsparkens water camps will activate the space. During the City Triennial Mid-act in 2019 the site will again be activated before the season finale in October.

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